1550nm FBGセンサアレイ 画像

1550nm FBG Sensor Array

1550nm FBGセンサアレイ



We offer the highest-quality fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor arrays, inscribed with the most advanced fs-laser point-by-point inscription process. We provide all required FBG specifications tailored to your needs, from custom wavelengths, over low/high reflectivities to narrow/wide bandwidths. Our FBG arrays are available as bare fibers or furtherly assembled with standard telecom connectors and additional tubing and capillaries for direct use.


  • ファイバセンサ: 30/ファイバ(max)
  • FBG: 3-8mm
  • FBG波長レンジ: 1460-1620nm
  • Fiber Sensor: 30/Fiber(max)
  • FBG Length: 3-8mm
  • FBG Wavelength Range: 1460-1620nm

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