FMF Mux/Demux(~45モード) 画像

FMF Mux/Demux(~45Mode)

FMF Mux/Demux(~45モード)



Responding to the most complex problems of space division multiplexing, PROTEUS-C is an extremely versatile made-to-measure spatial multiplexer/demultiplexer. It is compatible with a wide range of wavelengths and all types of spatial modes: LP (Linearly Polarized), HG (Hermite-Gaussian), LG (Laguerre-Gaussian), OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum) or more exotic, so that it is optimally adapted to researchers’ requirements. Thanks to the Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology of Cailabs, this product first and foremost offers the largest number of modes, up to 45 modes, with unparalleled optical performance: very low insertion losses and record modal selectivity.


  • No of Mode: ~45 modes
    Wavelength: C/L/O-band
    B-B IL: Between <5dB and <14dB

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